Branding & Visual Identity

A Visual Identity is built out of typography, color palette, and logo design.

Kintz kreations

I always start my logo design process by building out a Pinterest board. I pull inspiration for color palette, logo styles, and font choices.
Next, I play around with different type choices. For this logo, I wanted to utilize a script font as this brand creates signage and floral design for weddings.
After font selection comes color choice. This client requested a soft, natural palette that would highlight her floral design services.

Garden Buds

Garden Buds is an educational program for young children at the Ruth Bancroft Garden. I wanted to create a fun and whimsical logo that would highlight plants in the Garden in a silly, anthropomorphic way. I created these two “Garden Buds” as the focal point of the logo.

Ruth Bancroft Garden Gala

Passport to the Dry Garden – Latin America, South Africa
For the Annual Gala, we decided we wanted a theme that we could adapt and carry over year after year. To play into the “Passport to the Dry Garden” theme, I designed logos to look like stamps that our patrons could collect after attending multiple Gala events. The plants I illustrated are from the Ruth Bancroft Garden’s plant collection; the first highlighting Latin American plants and the second South African plants.

waterwise garden tour

misc logos